The Fly

The other day, Ms Piggy and I were sitting outside by the swing set, when I noticed this poor little fly.  His left wing was ripped and sadly deformed, so he couldn’t fly.  Ms Piggy and I sat there for a while, watching him hop along from blade to blade and crawl along his way. 

Ms Piggy was so sad and worried for the little guy, she squatted next to him, following his progress and telling him how much she felt sorry for him. 

Ms Action came out after Ms Piggy and I had been sitting there for a while and joined us in our observations.  Both girls were worried for the little fly, but they expressed their worry differently.

Ms Piggy crooned to it, talked to it soothingly, and Ms Action decided to take some action.  She made him a little bed out of leaves and tried to find food for him to eat.

They’re both such tenderhearted little things and can’t stand to see suffering in any creature.

The fly did eventually make his way out of the yard, and we can only hope he’s healing ad alive out there somewhere.

Even though I don’t like flies.


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