Welcome to My New Blog


I’m going to start blogging again, for those of you who came by way of my old blog (also called Adventures in Mommyland), thanks for coming over here to see me!

For those of you who are new, thanks for giving me a chance!

I blog about my life with two little girls, the oldest is seven and I call her Ms Action because she’s always on the move.  The youngest I call Ms Piggy because she’s a champion nurser, it’s one of her favorite things to do.

We’re currently a military family living in the Pacific North West.

I homeschool my oldest, Ms Action.  She’s going into second grade in the fall. She’s a bit obsessed with dinosaurs and wants to be a paleontologist.  She loves playing outside, especially when it’s raining.

The youngest, Ms Piggy, is immensely interested in all things school-y.  She loves sticker books, at the moment, and would do them all day if they lasted that long.  She loves being read to and coloring.

They both love swimming and playing outside on our playset.

They love having tea parties and princesses.  I’m trying to read them more strong princesses as opposed to the usual fainting miss who is waiting for her prince to come rescue her.  I want them to both be strong, independent women, and am trying to teach them they can be whoever and whatever they wish to be.

Anyway, that’s a small bit about them.  You can click on the link to my old blog and read a bit more if you like, or just hang out here and get to know us over time.

I hope to see more of you!



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