Two Fun Weekends

We had two fun weekends in a row.

Last weekend, we went up to Seattle and *finally* went to the Space Needle. Seriously, we’ve lived here for over a year and never made it up there. It was really fantastic.

A few weeks ago, I ordered one of those kid leashes for Ms Piggy, since she loves her independence and I’m terrified of her slipping her hand out of mine and running into traffic or getting lost in a crowd. That thing worked amazingly. I used to be thoroughly against them, until I had a runner; now, I think they have their place just like strollers and carriers. I used to use a carrier with Ms Piggy, but she’s incredibly heavy and really, really hates to be constrained. So, she got to enjoy the Space Needle by running and walking around.

Ms Action enjoyed the ground and elevator a bit more than actually being at the top of the Needle. Even though the husband and I assured her there was no way she would be able to fall off, she was terrified at that prospect, so we didn’t spend much time at the top.

What little time we did spend up there, I enjoyed. The view from up there was spectacular.

After we descended, we walked over to the Ride the Ducks. We’ve never done it and it seemed like as good a time as any (but let me tell ya, it ain’t cheap!). We got our tickets, but had an hour to spare, so went and got some lunch. Then we walked back over to actually do the ride. Ms Piggy fell asleep promptly, but Ms Action enjoyed herself. We rode around Seattle, learned a bit about how it was settled, saw the different districts, then drove out into the water. I think that was definitely Ms Action’s favorite part. Ms Piggy decided to wake up while we were on the water. Oh, and we saw the floating house from Sleepless in Seattle while we were out there.

This past weekend we had one day where it wasn’t supposed to rain, so we went up to Mt Rainier. Another case of, “Can you believe we’ve never been there?”

It was a beautiful drive, and did you know, active duty military gets into any National Park for free? We didn’t either, it was pleasant surprise.

Oh, let me tell you, Mt Rainier National Park is beautiful, breathtaking. There are pines everywhere, small ferns growing on the mountain, and every here and there are fallen trees with moss growing on them. The sunlight was streaming down through the trees, making it look like fairies were dancing. The wind blowing through the trees was like music. And the water rushing down made another music all its own. We stopped and looked at two of the waterfalls – Christina Falls and Narada Falls. Poor Ms Action was terrified she was going to fall into the water – it was one of those times where you have serious intrusive thoughts about that happening. I was scared, too. The water was rushing, splashing off huge rocks, with long drops thrown in for good measure. And, of course, the bridge – a beautifully worked stone bridge – went right over the waterfall. Ms Piggy has absolutely no concept of danger, she kept begging me to let her go play in the water. She kept trying to wiggle out of my arms to go play. That, lemme tell ya, was the most terrifying thing of all.

Well, until we made it to Narada Falls. By that waterfall, there’s a small path to go down to the lookout area. We thought, hey, it’s only 0.1 mi, the kids can do that, so we took off down the path. Maybe 10 yards in, the snow, which was everywhere this high up the mountain, was covering the path and getting higher. On the one side, the side nearest the falls, was a large wooden railing, on the other side was the snow, then, the snow, like I said, was covering the path, so we were walking on the snow. Soon, the snow was covering the railing. And, the snow was slippery. We only walked maybe a twenty yards, if that far, before deciding it was too dangerous and turning back. If we hadn’t had the kids, we’d have continued down the path, but no way were we going to take that risk with the kids.

We drove around on the mountain a bit more, then headed out of the park in pursuit of lunch. On our way into the park, we had passed a diner made in an old railroad dining car, so decided to give it a try. While it was a cool experience (railroad dining car!) the food itself left a lot to be desired. And, the owners, or at least the people who wrote the menu and the rather cool story about the hobos – oh, and all the other signs around the restaurant – couldn’t spell for anything. The sign outside called the dining car a “dinning car”, and the menu called chicken cordon bleu “Chicken Cord On Blue” – something I’d actually rather like to see, I mean, what exactly would that look like? But, it was still a cool experience.

Sunday, Ms Action and I made a castle out of cardboard boxes we had sitting in the garage, waiting to be put in the recycling, and yesterday she and the husband (who I really need to come up with a clever name for) painted it. They used glittery pink spray paint, because why wouldn’t you? He was really clever, and cut off part of an old laundry basket to use as a stencil for a stonework-type pattern on the castle. Ms Piggy and Ms Action have been playing with it ever since it dried. A cheap, fun dollhouse.

I also – but don’t tell the girls this – went through their toys and threw away all the toys that were broken or missing pieces. They can’t even tell anything is missing, and the room is so much less cluttered. It’s something I’ve needed to do for a long time, but have been putting off for ages.

Today, we’ve just been lolling around. The girls have been playing and I’ve been attempting to write. I keep getting sidetracked, though, with things like breakfast, dishes, napping the toddler, ya know, things like that.

Here’s to hoping get more than a thousand words written today.


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