I need to change my diet. What I’m doing now isn’t working. I feel, well, blech. I’m having more migraines than usual. I’m having horrible PMS symptoms, which could be because I went so long after the birth of Ms Piggy without any periods that my body is just trying to readjust or could be because of my diet.

Ms Piggy’s eczema is flaring up worse than usual. Which could just be the cycle of her eczema, or it could be diet related.

Ms Action is tired a bit more than usual and has been complaining about stomach upset.

It’s definitely time for a change in our diet. But what change, that is the question.

I know we need to go back to a more whole foods diet, something closer to what nature intended. When we were eating a whole food, high raw diet we all felt really good. When we were eating mostly organic, grass-fed beef and poultry, we felt amazing.

What we’ve been eating lately, I feel disgusting.

I’ve also gained weight, I’m at the heaviest I’ve ever been excepting when pregnant. I want to lose some of that weight, too, and get back to where I feel good about myself.

The husband wants to lose weight, too.

I’m trying to decide exactly which diet to use. I’ve looked at the Maker’s Diet and the South Beach Diet. I’m really leaning toward the Maker’s Diet, it’s whole food and organic, close to what nature intends, and when we were on it in the past, it was the best I’ve ever felt.

I’m not religious, at all, and I don’t think there’s a “Maker”, let alone one who has an interest in what we eat, but I do know that our bodies have evolved for a certain diet, and I want to eat as close to that as possible.

I haven’t decided yet, I have quite a bit more research to do before I finalize anything (one thing you should know about me, I research the heck out of anything before making decisions).

Anyway, right now, I have no clue what decision I’ll make, I just know I need to make a change, and a drastic one.


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