Overheard This Morning

The girls got up this morning and Ms Action discovered mommy wasn’t feeling good, with the beginnings of a migraine (which I’m braving simply because I don’t want to forget what I heard).

Ms Action said to me “mommy, I’ll make breakfast today so you can have a day off from making us breakfast, okay?”

Then she turned to Ms Piggy, “Do you want cereal for breakfast?”

Ms Piggy, with happy eagerness in her voice, replied, “Yes! Yes!”

Ms Action said a bit severely, “Are you sure?  You might want a pop tart.”

Ms Piggy, in her sweet baby voice, said, “Um, uh huh.”

Poor Ms Action has no idea now what Ms Piggy wanted.  “Do you want cereal or a pop tart to eat?”

“Eat!” Yelled Ms Piggy.

Ms Action was amazingly patient, “Do you want cereal to eat?” she asked again.

“Um, uh huh,” said Ms Piggy.

“Okay, I’ll get your Elmo cereal and I’m going to have my chocolate cereal.  And we can watch TV, but I can’t find the remote, but we’ll find it so mom can have the morning off.”  She turned on the TV, it was on a channel with a talk show going.  I could hear the disappointment in Ms Action’s voice as she said “Oh, it’s on a mom show.”  She then found the remote (on her own, and for Ms Action, that’s huge, she never can find anything) and changed the channel to something Ms Piggy likes and poured Ms Piggy’s cereal, then got her own.


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