Being Little

Yesterday evening, Ms Piggy was going out the door into the backyard. In order to get out, especially when the sun has warmed the steps, she crawls out so her sensitive feet don’t get burned.

As she was crawling out, the hubby stepped over and around her to get outside.

I said, “It must be frustrating, being so small that people step over you.”

Ms Action, who was in the kitchen putting some flowers she’d picked into a vase, looked up.  The husband noted her reaction and murmured, “Just watch, now she’s going to tell on me.”

Sure enough, Ms Action came over and said “It must be, especially when you’re little and get ran over. When we were on our walk, daddy ran over Ms Piggy with the wagon.”

Now, I have no idea how he did that, but I couldn’t help but laugh (silently) at Ms Actions pronouncement.  She was so serious and the husband had totally called it.


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