Big News

It looks like our diet plans are going to be on hold for a while. 

The husband put in for a job a while back and we *sort of* got the news he has the job.  It’s not official yet, so I’m trying not to count my eggs before they’re hatched, but it looks like he has it.  And it’s in Washington D.C.

Which means we’ll be moving.  From the Pacific Northwest to the east coast, we’ll be traveling form one side of the country to the other. 

And while I’m excited about the move  – yay!  we’ll be closer to family – I’m not crazy about the whole driving-across-the-country part.

So my plan for food has changed – we’re going to eat through everything we have so we don’t have to throw away a bunch of food or attempt to move it roughly 3,000 miles. 

I must say, being close to family – if this happens, we’ll be four hours from one of my sisters-in-law and around ten hours from the other (and don’t quote me on those times, I’m guessing) – well, that prospect has me extremely excited.  Not only would I get to see my sisters-in-law – who I count as sisters – but my daughter’s would get to grow up near their cousins.

In other news, because of the probable impending move, I’ve started Ms Action on her second grade work.  She’s completed her first day – she did pretty well on it all and seemed to like having a bit more structure.

In history, we read about the end of the Roman Empire and how large it was before it was divided (we’ll read about the division tomorrow).  Then we made a huge map of the Roman Empire – it was nearly as large as our dining room floor.  We labeled the Mediterranean Sea, Gaul, Britannia, Greece, Italy, and Spain.  Ms Action did most of the drawing for the map.  Ms Piggy attempted to help, but mostly just scribbled all over the sea and land.

Ms Action read a story, did her arithmetic, science, a spelling test (she’s currently not a very good speller), and a piano lesson.  She also decided she wants to learn to play the harp; while we were drawing the map, we listened to Celtic harp music and now she’s slightly obsessed.

Ms Piggy wanted to do school, too, so she and I did a little bit from a preschool workbook.

We went to the library today and I got most, if not all, of the Life of Fred books.  I’ve heard lots of good things about them.  I’m going to look them over and see if they would be worth the investment.  They’re certainly not cheap.

Tomorrow is on to day two of our second grade adventure. 



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