The Second Day of Second Grade

Ms Action positively flew through her school work today.  I have to admit, I was a bit nervous starting her on second grade math, she had struggled with it in first grade and eventually I started letting it slide.  She had a basic grasp of the concepts, so I decided that for the time being, letting her do no math wasn’t that big a deal.  Turns out, I was right.  She’s having no issues with the work, mainly because the first several lessons are reviews of what was learned the previous year, so anything she has trouble with, we’ll figure out now.

In our history we learned about the division of the Roman Empire and made a signum with a dowel we had sitting around and some cardboard from the boxes from our last move.  It immediately became Ms Piggy’s favorite new toy.  She didn’t want to let it go when she wanted to nurse – I made her mad by not letting her nurse while she was holding it, I really didn’t fancy a black eye or whack in the face from the thing.


We then made sugar cookie Roman Columns…both girls enjoyed dumping ingredients into the bowl and then shaping them into crumbling columns.  The dough wasn’t as soft as I had hoped it would be, but really crumbly and hard to work with.  Which was actually rather perfect since that way, they could be ruins.  Oh, and sorry about the terrible exposure, my camera disappeared a few weeks ago (we can thank Ms Piggy for that, she has a habit of losing my things.), I’ve been using my Kindle for photos and it doesn’t have the best quality.


We then watched a documentary on Amazon Prime about ancient Rome, then we watched a lot more learning shows, too.  Gotta love modern technologies and the way we have so much at the tips of our fingers.  With the wave of a Wii Remote, we learned some history and science, then some phonics and vocabulary.

Ms Action and Ms Piggy went and played outside in the backyard for a little bit, while I watched the cookies so they wouldn’t burn.  The girls watered the garden and played for a while, then came in and ate the column-cookies.

Cookies were, really, a good way to end our second full day of second grade.


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