Sibling Rivalry

When the girls get along, they get along.  And when they don’t, they don’t.

Today, this morning, they didn’t.

Ms Action was playing with one of their toys and Ms Piggy decided she wanted to play, too.

I don’t force my kids to share, instead making them wait their turn, until the other person is done.  And normally they’re okay with that.

But today, Ms Piggy was having nothing to do with waiting turns.  She kept knocking over the boat, taking the animals and making life miserable for everyone around her.  I kept removing her, telling her she needed to wait her turn, that her turn would be here soon.

For a while, she seemed okay, she picked up her toy horse and played with it for a while, then she started trying to stick it in the boat, knocking the toy boat over again.

Ms Action was being surprisingly patient.  She only yelled once.

Then everything was silent for a few, blessed, too-short moments.

I was finishing getting dressed to go to the library when the scream rent the air.  I looked over to see Ms Action clutching her head and Ms Piggy standing there, no horse in hand.

I stepped over to them to figure out what, exactly, had happened.

Ms Piggy had gotten tired of waiting, and threw her toy horse at her sister.  I made sure Ms Action was okay, and started telling Ms Piggy that “we never, ever, ever throw toys at people.  We don’t throw things at people.  See how you hurt sissy?”  And on in that vein for a few moments.

Meanwhile, Ms Action had started crying again.  She had been calming down, still playing, and I figured now she was crying because she was mad (not that I’d blame her for that…I’d have been mad, too)

I looked up at Ms Action, getting ready to ask her how she was doing, when I noticed something in her hair.  My first thought was “How did she get strawberry jam in her hair?”  Which then went to, “Wait, when was the last time she had strawberry jam?  It’s been weeks!” then morphed to “Oh my god!! She’s bleeding from her head!!!!”  (All that in less time than it takes to blink, naturally.)

I put Ms Piggy off my lap, where she had been nursing and started running the water so it would get hot while I got a washcloth.  I cleaned Ms Action’s head as quickly as I could, to see how bad the cut was.

Fortunately, it was super tiny.  You know how head wounds are – bleed like you’re dying but in reality just a scratch.  And, of course, it was right in the center top of her head, so I couldn’t even put a bandage on it to act as a placebo for Ms Action.  I did give her Tylenol, which helped.

And, all that happened on the heels of Ms Piggy using her head to plow Ms Action right off the couch last night.

We never made it to the library, either.


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