The Past Few Weeks

Since it’s been a while since I posted, here’s a quick-ish (or really, not so quick) recap of our lives the past couple of weeks.  I kept updating this post, like a journal, hence the dates/format.  Also, I know  only have the last week here, I just couldn’t bring myself to do much writing of any sort over the past couple weeks.  So, here’s what we’ve been up to:

June twenty-third I felt very earth mother-ish.  We picked our herbs, and then I took some string and tied them in bundles.  They’re now hanging from my kitchen ceiling, drying.

I’ve been packing books like crazy.  Since the realtors are probably going to want to show the house before we move out, I need to get my books under control –  we only have around a thousand.

I’ve also been collecting books and activities for the girls to use on our cross-country move.  I have some giant cards about each of the states, two per state, so I went through them and found the ones for the states we’ll be driving through and have them collected.  I grabbed our copies of Eat This, Not That so that we can at least *try* to eat somewhat healthily on the road.  I’m making each of the girls a big binder filled with coloring pages, blank pages, stickers, and I have some plastic sheet covers in there.  I’m planning on printing up reusable sheets with road bingo and whatever else looks good on Pinterest.  I’m also going to order a few travel games off Amazon and they’ll each have a disposable camera or two with which to document our trip.

I made them each a small “passport”.  I used blue construction paper as the cover and plain printer paper for the inside.  We’re going to take their photos and paste them on the first page, along with their dates of birth, etc, to make it feel “real”.  Then, each time we enter a new state, we’ll put a sticker of that state’s flag on a page, along with the date and time.  I’m desperately trying to think up things to make the journey fun and, hopefully, seem not quite as long.

June twenty-fourth was a busy day.  We spent the morning doing school.  Ms Action is getting better about setting to work and getting it done.  She still balks at math, and a bit at reading, but we’re going to keep plugging away.  Ms Piggy, on the other hand, is obsessed with numbers.  She can count by rote to 13, and with a bit of help to 20.  We did a fun art project – we traced our hands onto paper, then used lines to make it look like our hands were under the paper.  Just draw a straight line to the outline of your hand, then, between the lines of your hand, make the lines curved for a 3D effect, then straight line to the edge of the paper.  I’d show you a photo, but my camera’s been missing for a couple months now.  As soon as we get paid, I’m getting a new one.

Today I used the lone cabbage that grew in our garden and made cabbage soup.  It was far too hot a day for soup, so I stuck it in the freezer for a cooler day.  We’re in Washington State, that sort of day is never too far off.  I also made three loaves of bread, since we’re out.  The girls loved having fresh baked bread spread with butter with their dinner.

June twenty-fifth we *finally* got paid.  The pay issue up at admin finally got sorted and we received our first paycheck in nearly six weeks.  The girls and I celebrated.  We bought The LEGO Movie, got some snacky foods, and Ms Action made some Oreo desserts she’d been wanting to make for a few weeks.  We also did all our grocery shopping, which really wasn’t that much since we’re still eating through our pantry/freezer, so I only needed to buy a few ingredients to make meals.  I’m becoming rather creative in my meal-planning.

Ms Action had a growth spurt, so we were finally able to go clothes shopping.  We hit up the local Goodwill and I let her go to town.  It’s fun, seeing her own personal style emerge.  She got a full wardrobe overhall.  Ms Piggy got a few new shirts and a dress she decided she needed, and they each got a pair of shoes and a toy.  All in all, it was a really good haul.  Wednesday’s are also military discount day at Goodwill, so that was fantastic.

I ordered myself a new camera, since mine has totally and completely disappeared.  It’s been gone for months now.  I gave in, I can’t not take photos of my kids. So, in a couple days, I’ll have a camera again!

The girls have built a rather large tent in the backyard, where they like to go with their baby dolls to “hide from bugs”.  They built a roly poly habitat for all the roly poly’s they’ve been finding.  It was Ms Action’s idea, and she did most of the work.  Ms Piggy “contributed” by digging the dirt back OUT of the container Ms Action had been putting it in.  I’m not sure that the roly poly’s actually appreciate their new home, but Ms Action did learn a bit about what bugs need to survive, and tried to make it dank and dark for the little buggies

June twenty-sixth.  The day started off nice, Ms Piggy slept until nearly eight which is highly unusual.  It was probably because it was dark and rainy, the best kind of sleeping weather.

Ms Action woke up a little later and was in a horrible mood.  She didn’t want to do school, she didn’t want to get up, she didn’t want to move, she didn’t want to get her own water, etc.  That, however, wasn’t going to fly.  I let her mope about for a while, after all, she’d only just gotten up, but after a bit, it was going to be time to get to work.  She wasn’t sick, just crabby.  We had a long, long talk about why schooling is so incredibly important.  Sometimes, she wants to be a paleontologist, at other times she wants to be an archaeologist.  Either way, I told her, without proper schooling she can’t be one or the other.  Without schooling, I let her know, life would be very, very hard.  I should know.  Academics were not stressed in my family.  I’m self-taught, but not qualified for any type of job I’m really interested in – like archaeology, writing, anthropology, etc.  When I was Ms Action’s age, I wanted to be an archaeologist, too.  But, according to my parents, a woman was supposed to grow up, get married, and have babies for Jesus.  I’m teaching my kids that everyone needs an education, that they can grow up to be anything they want to be, go to uni, be a paleontologist/archaeologist, or anything else.  But that their gender does NOT determine what they can or cannot do.  (A lesson I’m still learning, admittedly.)

After our little talk, Ms Action was much more keen to do school.  When she was nearly done, we had another little issue.  She’s been extremely argumentative the last few days, and been copping a pretty bad attitude, so we had a talk about how nobody likes being around someone who argues with everyone over everything and is nasty.  We cuddled as we talked, then she finished her work -still grumbling a bit – and after she was done, was happy as a clam (Whatever the hell that means), playing with Ms Piggy, giving me ambush kisses and hugs, thing like that.  We then made chips and cheese and piled on the couch to watch Olivia.

June twenty-seventh.  No school today.  Instead, we painted nails, I played around with makeup and tried out a new look, and I worked on my book.  I also realized I forgot to get packing tape when we went shopping the other day.  Oh well, guess I’ll just have to go to the store tomorrow, when I can leave the girls with the hubby and have a mini “vacation” (ya know, the real one – time at the store without kids.  Such a luxury)

Over the weekend we didn’t do much.  We did go to the movie theater and saw How to Train Your Dragon 2.   I won’t give you any spoilers, but it as fantastic and moving.  And there was a pretty big surprise (Go see it already, then we can talk about it!)

Today (Monday, June 30) the girls and I hung out around the house.  Sunday I spent most of the day miserably fighting off a migraine, so since it was gone when I woke this morning (YAY!) we decided to go for a little walk around the neighborhood.  I also got quite a bit more packed up, all but the books we’re using for school and a lot of the toys that the girls have left laying around and untouched.  They don’t even realize there are any toys missing, so far.  Just eight weeks until we move.  YIKES!  That’s just around the corner…





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