Getting Ready to Travel

I’ve been busy getting everything ready for our cross-country move (granted, it’s still 8 weeks away, but, that’s really, really close.  And I’m a planner.)

I’ve made the girls some travel binders.  I just took a couple big three-ring binders I already had and put some lined paper in there, some plastic sleeve covers, and a few pocket folders.  Then, I took a coloring book we’ve had for forever (and rarely gets used) and pulled out a bunch of pages and put them in the folders.  Hey presto! color pages for the trip.

I’ve also been printing up some awesomely fun looking travel games. I found some awesome travel printable over at My Delicious Ambiguity.  Also, if you want to see some of the things I’ve pinned,here’s the link to my Pinterest board.

I found a fun “Would You Rather?” game over at The Measured Mom.

Hopefully these will help keep the kids occupied for a good portion of our journey.

And, there would have been photos, but the uploader wouldn’t work for me. 😦


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