And So Begins the Cleaning

Today, we started the long process of getting the house in tip-top, move-out shape.  Such a pain in the ass, really.  Especially since when we moved in, this place wasn’t in that great of shape.  And, if it isn’t perfect, we lost part of our security deposit.

But, today, the husband was outside, taking care of the lawn and getting the driveway ready for power-washing.

The girls and I did a deep, thorough scrub of the kitchen and dining room, then I started working on all the tiny, hard-to-reach places that get passed up in the usual cleaning. 

Seriously, the oven door looks better than it did when we moved in.

As a bit of background, this house is,honestly, really cute.  But the people here before us left us with a stinky piece of carpet (literally, a piece of dog-shat-upon carpet laying in the garage), dinged up walls, cracks in the kitchen linoleum, rotting floor by the door to the backyard, and a really, really, really crappy paint job.

Anyway, we didn’t mind because we have two little kids, dings are bound to happen so having them already there was no big deal.

However, for some reason, we’re expected to have it better than when we moved in.  Which pretty much sucks, but is what it is.  Which is why we’re starting the long process now.

And, after a long day of scrubbing, cleaning and *still* getting dinner on the table, and *still* keeping the girls entertained with salt dough and making “flying carpets”…well, all I want to do I curl up with some tea and watch a movie. 

Or just sleep.  That would be good, too.


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