Breastfeeding a Toddler

Breastfeeding a toddler can be funny, at times.  Like the other day, when Ms Piggy woke form her nap all tearful and crying to nurse.  I popped out the boob and Ms Piggy perked right up.  For about half a second.  Apparently, I was the wrong boob.  So, I switched sides.  Ms Piggy grinned hugely through her tears and exclaimed, “My favorite booby!”

It can be so sweet, like when Ms Piggy and I stare into each other’s eyes and she pops off to say, in her sweet, little baby voice, “I wuv you!”

It can be incredibly handy at times, too.  A couple days ago, Ms Action smashed Ms Piggy’s fingers in the door.  I offered magical boob juice and Ms Piggy felt better.

It can, also, be amazingly frustrating.  Like when Ms Piggy can’t decide which side she really wants to nurse off, or she does a quick little nurse and then she’s done.

But, overall, it’s amazing.  She can actually tell me what she’s thinking, feeling, and wanting, since she’s now verbal.  She can run over to me when she needs comforting or to feel secure.  And she knows that when she needs me, I’m there for her.

And, it’s been a wonderful, fantastic, crazy journey.


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