Bee Stings

In the past week, Ms Piggy, Ms Action and I have all been stung once each by some of the hundreds of bees that hang around in our backyard.  They like it there because of all the water we have – the pool, the garden, the sprinkler (since we’re trying to get the lawn into decent shape since we’re moving in around 6 weeks.

So, anyway, Ms Piggy got stung first, on Sunday.  It was on her shoulder and she was so brave, just whimpered a bit and asked for a bandage.

Mine was yesterday, Tuesday.  Right on the bottom of my foot, naturally.  I added it to my growing list of injuries sustained in the past few day – a huge piece of glass in the bottom of foot (same one that got stung, incidentally) and a huge burn/blister thing on my right thumb.  That one makes it extremely difficult to do anything, lemme tell ya.

The last sting was today, Wednesday.  Ms Action was outside digging up and replanting grass.  She was complaining about being hot, so I went to turn the sprinkler on, since she can’t go swimming unless I’m outside and Ms Piggy is almost ready to wake up, and if I’m not there within seconds of her waking, she’s a crab for the rest of the day.  So, the sprinkler it was going to have to be.  Her sting was on her foot, too, right between her toes.

I don’t want to kill the bees, obviously, because they’re so important and becoming endangered.  I just wish there was a way we could get along, the bees and us, in our backyard without the fear of stepping in the wrong spot without looking and winding up with a stinger in us for our troubles.


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