Sunday, we went blackberry picking.  The hubby found a blackberry patch near his work, a patch that was growing between a fence and some concrete barriers. 

The berries were huge, my photo uploader still isn’t working, or I’d show you how they looked next to a quarter.  Some of them were actually bigger than the coin.  We picked for over an hour and still didn’t clear the bushes, we wound up with something around ten pounds of berries.

After the berry picking, the hubby and I filled some sandbags to hold up a flag pole for MarineWeek, and the girls played in the sand, taking turns covering each other and jumping in it.  They were covered in sand and absolutely filthy. After that, we went to lunch/dinner.

Once we got home, I ran to the store to get lids and rings for canning, and I got some heavy cream to whip up to soft peaks for berries and cream.  Ms Action has loved eating berries and cream, Ms Piggy isn’t too sure about it, but she likes carrying a bowlful of it around.  But, making the whipped cream was fun.  I don’t have a hand or stand mixer, so had to whip is up by hand.  Fortunately, it didn’t take too long.  Only five minutes of continuous whisking.

This morning, after taking my time getting started, I made some blackberry jam, then blackberry pie filling and canned them.  I only hope they turn out okay, I’ve never done it before.  But, even if they don’t turn out, I have blackberry ice cream mix sitting in the refrigerator, just waiting for tomorrow to be churned.  And that mix, I can say from experience, tastes amazing. 

I still have more berries than I know what to do with, though.  Blackberry cobbler, pie, and crisp springs to mind, but I’m also going to search Pinterest to see what else I can find.  Pancakes, scones, and muffins sound good, too.



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