What Did I Do with All the Blackberries?

We had a lot of blackberries.  Like, a crazy amount.  We ate a lot of them covered in cream, or just plain, but there was no way we would have been able to eat them all before they went bad, so, I made jam; I got five 12-oz jars of jam.  I also made pie filling (I lost the link for it, unfortunately).  I got five 12-oz jars of that, too.  I made blackberry ice cream.  I forgot how much I love making crème Anglaise.  I kept tasting the crème Anglaise as I was cooking it, so incredibly delicious.

I found a recipe for blackberry cobbler to be made in the crock-pot, so I tossed that all together and it smelled delicious baking away.

Then I browsed on Pinterest and found a few recipes I wanted to try: Lemon Blackberry Cookies, Blackberry Bread, and Blackberry BBQ Sauce.

The cookies were a huge hit.  No one could stop eating them, me included. The cobbler was for dinner, since I’d been baking all day, I kind of forgot about dinner :). 

We made hand-pies, from a book called the Artful Summer by The Artful Parent.  The girls had a blast mixing the filling and then dumping it by the handful on the pie crust rounds, then putting the top crust on, crimping the edges and sprinkling them with sugar. 

After all that, I still had a large mixing bowl full of berries, so I froze them to use in smoothies over the next few weeks while we’re cleaning to move out. 

So, all my berries have been accounted for.  And we have more baked goods than I know what to do with.  I think quite a few are going to wind up joining the berries in the freezer and we can eat them on our cross-country journey. 



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