Fun Days

It’s been a few days of just hanging around the house, nothing terribly exciting happening.

The girls and the neighbor have been playing together a lot.  As an introvert, it’s been started to stress me out, having her around so much.  Yes, even being around a kid too much can get to me.  I’ve been doing really well, though, because I know how much the girls have enjoyed having NeighborGirl over.  But yesterday and I today, between needing a break, having a sore throat and the beginnings of  migraine, I told them all we needed a couple days off.

And let me tell you, it’s been so nice.  Ms Action, Ms Piggy, and I painted pictures yesterday (nothing great, just fun), we did melted crayon rock art, and while Ms Piggy was napping Ms Action and I played a game teaching us about herbs called Wildcraft.  We played – and actually managed to finish the game – until Ms Piggy woke up. 

We made pizza yesterday and watched some My Little Pony, one of our favorite shows – I think I like it as much as the girls. 🙂

I’ve also implemented a cleaning schedule to get the house closer to being move-out ready.  I’m focusing on one part a day.  Even if I don’t get it perfect, it will make it easier for the final clean-up before move out.  So far, I’m on schedule, which is kind of a big deal for me, I’m not very good at keeping schedules.

Our Five in a Row guidebooks arrived, so we’re starting that Monday.  We’re going to start with The Story of Ferdinand since it’s about a bull who gets stung by a bee and all three of us got stung a couple weeks ago.  And, it’ll be fun learning about Spain, since the husband grew up there and his parents and youngest brother and sister still live over there, and we’re hoping to make it over there in the next couple of years.

Oh, and one more thing I’m ridiculously excited about – there’s a Six Flags in DC, one with a Hurricane Harbor.  I know what we’ll be doing next summer. 🙂


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