The Leaky Cauldron (aka, a gash in the pool)

I think our pool has died.  The gash is small, but nearly impossible to patch up.  If only I had a wand and could wave it while declaring “Reparo!” and it would all be fixed.

It sprang the leak around a month ago, I gave it a temporary patch (gotta love duct tape), which held for a while.  But, the other day, there was a huge wet patch all around the pool and the water level had dropped drastically.

As sad as I am we’ll not have a pool the rest of the summer, at least we have the sprinkler.  And, since the yard needs to be greener for our move-out (thanks, weird, hot, dry, Pacific Northwest summer), the sprinkler is doing two jobs at once, which is nice. 

The girl are having fun playing, the grass is getting watered, and I’m actually able to run inside to do things while they’re getting wet, instead of having to sit by the pool to keep an eye on them.  So for now, I’ll say the leaking pool isn’t a bad thing 🙂


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