FIAR: The Story of Ferdinand

This week, we read (and re-read) The Story of Ferdinand and made a lapbook for it.  My plan is to make a lapbook for each book we read.

On the first day, I peaked their interest by telling them we were going to read a story about a bull who gets stung by a bee.  Ms Action perked right up, “By a BEE?  Just like us???”  After reading the story, we looked at photos of the Spanish countryside and Madrid, pulled up a map (and copied it and pasted it into our lapbooks) and found Madrid and the area where my in-laws live.  Having family there made the country much more interesting to the girls.  They both kept exclaiming “Grandma and Grandpa live there?”

I have to say, I learned a lot the first day.  In a fiction book, I read about the character sailing through the Straits of Gibraltar, but never knew where it was.  Now, I do.  The girls also colored in a picture of the Spanish flag.

On day two, we read the story again, then did some language arts/grammar activities.  We learned about interjections and watched some videos on YouTube about interjections, then the girls were going around yelling things like “OUCH!” and “Oh!”  for a couple hours.  We also did a sort of BINGO.  Ms Action is a struggling, emergent reader, so I’m always trying to come up with fun ways to help her read.  So, I made up a BINGO card on the computer and plugged in all our words, then as I called them out she found them, read them, then crossed them out until she’d read all the words on the card.  I made one up for Ms Piggy, but with pictures to represent the words instead of the actual words. 

A cooperative game I ordered arrived in the mail today.  Hoot Owl Hoot! was a lot of fun – basically, the goal is to get the owls home before the sun rises, everyone works together to move the owlets along the board to the nest.  Both girls enjoyed it quite a bit. 

Since it was such a hot day – and there were bees all over the yard, enjoying our clover, something I pointed out since it ties in so nicely with our book – we decided to go get ice cream.  Since we’re in a rather small town, the only options for ice cream are McDonald’s (phooey!) and Dairy Queen (admittedly not much better, but at least they have variety).  Naturally, we chose DQ.  The girls couldn’t stop grinning over a “real ice cream” as they called it.  Ms Piggy, the little incredibly shy toddler, called “Bye” to everyone leaving the shop.  Ms Action, as usual, made friends with everyone sitting near us.

After we got home, we played in the sprinkler again and reviewed some Spanish words we know.  Ms Action decided I ought to use all the Espanol I know, to teach her and Ms Piggy.  So, at bedtime, I told her to go to la cama, when she needed to pee, I told her to use el bano.  I exhausted my limited vocabulary fairly quickly.  The funny thing is, when the hubby -who grew up in Spain n speaks perfect Spanish – uses Spanish words, it drives Ms Action batty.

Day three started off on a bad foot -Ms Piggy woke us all up by yelling “Yook! A poin!” (translation: Look! A coin!)  Consequently, Ms Action was a bear all day, Ms Piggy was contrary and I felt the beginnngs of a migraine, which I’m trying to head off with meds and caffeine.  So far, it seems to be working.  We read our story again, though, and did some drama based on the book: Being Ferdinand smelling flowers and getting stung by a bee, being one of the five men shouting for joy when they discovered Ferdinand. 

After that, we looked at the illustrations in the book and each girl chose her favorite and drew/traced it.  I also found a bull cut-out thing, with the head, front, and back legs.  The girls painted them, then we cut the pieces out and attached them to empty toilet paper tubes to make a little bull.

Day four was lots of fun.  Ms Piggy woe up early so I got her downstairs without waking Ms Action.  She and I then played Hoot Owl Hoot thee times before she got bored of it.  She was all smiles and giggles while we were playing. 

After Ms Action woke up we read our story again and learned a bit about wasps, since that’s what we got stung by.  After that, we went grocery shopping (hooray for payday) and got some white flowers to do that favorite of science experiments – seeing them change colors from colored water. 

Day Five Ms Action woke before us.  She went downstairs and watched some My Little Pony while Ms Piggy nursed and slept on and I dozed off and on for a while. We finished out our week of The Story of Ferdinand with some maths – we measured ourselves, paper, books, rooms, feet, anything that caught our eye.  We also celebrated Lughsanadh, the first harvest festival in the circle of the year. 

Since we’re going to be in Virginia, and they have required testing each year, I decided to do a trial run this year, since this test doesn’t matter.  Ms Action hated pretty much every minute of it, it was timed, so everything had to be done quickly – far too quickly for Ms Action.  Then, there’s the little problem that she’s a horrible tester – she knows the subject matter, but her mind goes blank when it comes to questions being asked.  Fortunately, VA has a sort of out – anyone with a Master’s can evaluate the student and certify they’re advancing and learning.  Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s as cheap as the test. However, she did do really really well on the test – she scored well-above average in most of the parts of the test, so we *may* be able to do that, because it’s something I can administer and, like I said, is far cheaper than an evaluation. 

So, that was our week!  Stay tuned next week, for lots of fun reading Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel.


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