L’il Sickies

My poor girls have contracted some sort of 24-hr stomach bug. 

Ms Action had it first, and it didn’t hit her too badly.  She drank some tummy tea, rested, had some Sprite and watched TV.  Then, she was back to her normal, never-sitting-still self.

Ms Piggy got it the next day (yesterday), in the afternoon.  The hubby walked in to see Ms Piggy on her hands and knees, vomiting all over the carpet.  This was his first time seeing us in two weeks, since he’s been gone for MarineWeek.  Quite a welcome home.  It was, “Hi, honey.  Clean up the floor while I take care of the baby.”

Ms Piggy definitely wasn’t feeling well, because she fell asleep in about 15 minutes, when it usually takes her at least 30.  She then woke up around midnight and puked all over the bed. She looked so miserable, as she said “I poo-ked, mommy.”  She then decided she needed a bath, until the tub was filling with water, then decided she’d rather watch My Little Pony on the kindle, so we snuggled in bed while she nursed and watched her show.

Two hours later, I was glad I’d had the foresight to put a towel down under her, as she woke us both us vomiting again.  She then slept for five hours, before we had a repeat.

Since she won’t drink the tummy tea, I made a cup for myself, in hopes it would come out through my breastmilk and help the poor little thing.  I think it did, while I was drinking it, and then while it was taking effect/getting into my milk, she vomited twice more, and now she’s been vomit free for a couple hours.  She even managed to keep some food down.

Unfortunately, now my stomach is queasy. 😦


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