Dandelion Fritters

Before you go “EWWWW! That sounds disgusting!  How could you eat that???” let me just say, that was sort of my thought going into this.  But, I know how nutritious dandelions are.  You can use just about every part of them – the leaves in salads, pestos, and sautéed; the roots can be roasted and used as a sort of coffee; and the flowers can be used in fritters.  I’ve been toying around with the idea of doing this for about a week now, and today, there were enough dandelions in the yard to give it a go.

It’s delicious.  Absolutely, amazingly delicious.  And, so incredibly fresh! I mean, we picked the flowers, and within five minutes we were cooking them, and five minutes after that (give or take) we were eating them.  It doesn’t get much fresher than that. (Also, if you do this, don’t forget to clean off the flowers, ours had lots of little bugs on them)

It’s also cheap – super duper cheap.  One egg, one cup of milk, one cup of flour and some olive oil for frying; that’s all it cost, since the dandelions are free.

Ms Action dipped them in mustard, I had them drizzled with honey, and Ms Piggy had some with honey and some dipped in mustard (the fact that she ate mustard at all is incredible, she hates mustard).

You can find the recipe (and more stuff about the awesomeness that is herbs) here


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