The Washington Midsummer Renassaince Faire

Today was the last day of the Ren Faire’s Faerie weekend, so we headed out to enjoy the sun, jousting and all things Faerie.

Both girls had a blast – our day at the Faire started off by walking under the portcullis onto the faire grounds.  We wandered around for a bit, catching the tail end of a dramatic retelling of St George and the Dragon, using kids from the audience in all the major roles.  Then we discover the “Cirque de Sewer.”  Instead of human performers, the stars of the show were rats.  I didn’t see much of the show, because Ms Piggy was less than interested, since she heard music and saw dancing.

Ms Piggy and I left the hubby and Ms Action at the Cirque de Sewer and went over to join in the English country dancing.  All the homeschool balls from my childhood paid off, as I knew the dances and steps and had no problem leading Ms Piggy through the dance.  After a few dances, Ms Piggy decided it was time to nurse, so we headed back over to the Cirque de Sewer (which is kind of a fun name to say, for some reason) and sat on some hay bales and watched the “Ring Master” do some tricks on a rope.  You know, like standing up, standing on her head, that sort of trick. 

After that, we danced around a May Pole.  The dance wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be – over, then under, then over, then under, weaving the ribbons into a sort of braid around the May Pole.  Ms Action loved it, she was beaming from ear to ear.  Ms Piggy was very upset when the dance was over – she kept yelling “A-din!  A-din!” 

From there, we found some water.  The girls each got an ice cream cone, and the hubby and I each got a turkey leg.  That was the first time I ever got a turkey leg at the Faire (or anywhere else, for that matter).  I have to say, it was kind of fun. 

We wandered around for a bit after that, looking in the little shops and wending our way to the jousting field.  While we were waiting for the tourney to start, Queen Elizabeth I was knighting and “lady-ing” people in her pavilion, so both girls are now Ladies of the Court.

We still had a bit of time before the jousting began, so we went to get more water.  The girls and I got distracted by the bagpiper and stayed to watch him, while the hubby got water.  Then, Ms Action spotted the flower crowns, so the girls each got one – Ms Action got a purple one and Ms Piggy got a pink one.  (They’re made with silk flowers, so no fear of the flowers dying).

After that, we made our way back to the tourney field.  We then discovered each pavilion was supposed to cheer for a different “country” and its knight.  We were sitting in France’s pavilion, so cheered for the French knight.  The other knights were “from” Germany, England, and Italy. 

As we were leaving the tourney, the girls discovered a half barrel filled with bubble solution and huge bubble wands.  They probably spent a good quarter of an hour over there, waving wands in the air and sending giant bubbles to float and pop. 

The bubbles were right next to the puppet theatre, so Ms Action watched the puppet show while I sat in the shade and the hubby walked Ms Piggy around for a while.  Then Ms Piggy wanted to switch parents, so I walked Ms Piggy around while the hubby cooled off. 

Once the puppet show was over (and Ms Action loved the show, she couldn’t stop grinning and talking about it.  Apparently, it was really funny) we wandered through a few more shops, then headed out.  We had arrived around 11a, and by then it was nearly 4, and both girls were tired and happy. 

Well, Ms Piggy was happy until she discovered we were going to the car.  Then, she spent the whole walk to the car yelling “I don’t like my car!” over and over again.  Ms Action, on the other hand, was still all smiles.  She got a “faerie crown”, got to see jousting, AND the coolest, funniest puppet show. 

I think, once we were in the car, it took Ms Piggy all of two minutes to fall asleep.  Ms Action was chattering away, telling me the story of the puppet show again and again, until we stopped a gas station to get some water (Ms Piggy had fallen asleep holding the water, and the one time I tried to pry it from her sleeping hands, she woke, so we desperately needed the water).  Anyway, once we got the water (and some chips) Ms Action’s talking was less as she was busily eating.

We all got a lot of sun today, saw a lot of cool things, and, most importantly, had a ton of fun. 


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