The Moon

Sunday was the “Supermoon”, when the moon was very close to Earth.  Ms Action and I stayed up late enough o go out and see her in all her glory, then we learned about the moon this week.

We learned that each month’s moon has its own name, like in January it’s called “Wolf Moon” because the wolf’s howling is at it’s most forlorn.  August is, by some tribes, called the “Sturgeon Moon” because the sturgeon are at their biggest.  September is called the “Corn Moon” because – you guessed it – corn harvest time!  In April, Ms Action’s birth month, the moon is called the “Pink Moon” because little pink flowers are blooming.  May, which is Ms Piggy’s birth month, is called “Flower Moon” because all the flowers are in bloom. 

We also learned about the moon’s four phases – New, Half, and Full.  I found a cool Oreo activity showing the moon’s phases, so we did that, too.  We learned about a few of the gods and goddesses associated with the moon, too.

Since we were learning about the moon, we also learned a bit about fractions.  Ms Action has the concept down pretty well.

It was a really light week, we didn’t do any Five in a Row, because I’ve been a bit too stressed, what with not knowing if we’ll be able to get a loan right away or not, and the housing situation.  This happens with every single move, we never know and wind up spending quite a few weeks without a place to call home. 

Next week, we’ll be keeping it nice and easy, too, and focusing on manners.  I found a lot of great, free resources for manners at


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