Day at the Lake

Today we went up to Lake Washington, ate at Ivar’s and walked around, enjoying all nature’s beauty.

The drive up started off rather badly – Ms Action was angry because the Kindle doesn’t have internet on its own, so she couldn’t watch the shows she wanted to watch, after a bit of a talk (and, unfortunately, a little yelling), we all calmed down and worked out the issue.  Then, we had a ton of fun.

When we got there, it was lunch time, so we started off getting food.  Fish ‘n chips, clams, and giant prawns.  We walked around the lake and saw some geese and ducks.  The girls were enthralled by the waterfowl. And, they were very careful to avoid the geese droppings.  We came across some on the path and I pointed it out to Ms Piggy, she stopped right in front of it, stared at it for a moment as if it were offensive, then jumped over it.

We found a teeny tiny stretch of rocky beach, that ended with trees and a blackberry bush. On the way there, Ms Action slipped and her foot went into the icky, muddy water, covering her shoe with black, slimy gunk.  She used the waves to clean her foot and shoe.  Then, she set about hunting for goose feathers.  She found a big one, and I found a smaller one for Ms Piggy.  Then, the hubby found a shell for Ms Action. 

We walked a bit more, and Ms Piggy started a leaf collection, holding them like a little bouquet.  Across the lake was a small airport, which excited Ms Piggy – she loves aircraft of all sorts.  It was loud, though, so she kept covering her ears.  Where Ms Action is a sensory seeker, Ms Piggy is a sensory avoider.  It can make life interesting at times.

We walked for quite a while, spotting huge spiders and their webs.  We even spotted a lone osprey sitting atop a sailboat. 

Then, we got caught in a bit of rain.  Ms Action and the hubby were using the facilities, and Ms Piggy was fussy, tired and bored, so I sang and danced with her.  My choice of song was reflected by the weather.  Ms Piggy loved Singin’ in the Rain. Now I just need to introduce her to the film. 


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