Late Night Stargazing

The other day, somehow, Ms Piggy’s schedule got thrown way off.  She didn’t nap until around 2, which meant she woke up after 4, which meant she wasn’t ready for bed until around 10, which meant she woke around 9, didn’t nap until 2, so she was up until ten last night. 

The sky was brilliantly clear so we went outside and lay on the ground and stared up at the stars.  Unfortunately, stars and constellations were grossly neglected in my schooling, so I couldn’t identify a single star.  Neither could the hubby, though, so I’m thinking star identification and constellation spotting aren’t hugely important in “regular” schooling. 

Anyway, we really enjoyed ourselves, despite our unfortunate plight.  The sky was filled with stars, though oddly we couldn’t see the moon, despite the clearness of the sky and the New Moon not happening until next week. 

As we lay there, we were serenaded by crickets and, occasionally, our neighbor’s smoke alarm, which apparently needs new batteries.  Ms Action was chattering, as usual, and wanted to know where Polaris was, where the big dipper was, and, basically, is now very, very interested in stars.  Which is awesome, because I want to learn about them, too.  So, in addition to learning about manners this week, we’ll be dabbling a bit in the night sky.  She was especially intrigued by the thought of using stars to guide one on ones journey. 

So, if any of you, my dear readers, can recommend good books and resources on stars and constellations, I would be forever grateful 🙂 .   


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  1. Rhoda
    Jan 18, 2015 @ 20:43:23

    Love reading your blog! for learning to identify stars and constellations, the coolest thing I ever did was watch a show at a planetarium. it was awesome…like actually being outside under the stars…not sure where there is a planetarium near you. the one I attended was at a science museum. Have fun finding the stars! My favorite constellation is Orion. He’s been my friend on many a nightly walk.


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