On the first day, we did a little thing I found on TeachersPayTeachers called Monster Manners.  Obviously, monsters were teaching about manners.  Ms Piggy has been on a hitting spree, so one of the things I printed up had “above the line” “below the line” and “bottom line”…basically, good stuff, bad stuff, and horrible stuff.  Ms Action helped us classify what action went where and they put the cards into the appropriate pockets.  Sharing is an example of good.  Interrupting of bad, and hitting of horrible.  Then I had a few coloring sheets and Ms Action wrote out a sentence about acting good each day.  We also flipped through the “Anger Cards.”  Each card has a different idea of what you can do when you feel angry so you won’t yell or explode.  Things like sing, count to ten, go off by yourself to cool down.  All things I’ve always told her, but I’m hoping that seeing it from someone who isn’t mommy will help her.

Then, the girls helped me make dinner.  Ms Piggy cracked the eggs, then stirred them on the stove (obviously, I was right there, helping her the whole time).  Ms Action browned the meat and stirred in the potatoes.  We made a hash for dinner, along with a strawberry banana smoothie which Ms Piggy helped me make – she broke the bananas into little pieces and dropped them into the Vitamix. 

Day two it took us a while to get to school.  There’s a blackberry bush in the yard next to our house, on city property, so we went and picked off all the berries we could reach – not that many, this late in the season.  I also picked all the new leaves to dry for blackberry leaf tea, which is supposed to be great for tummy troubled, especially diarrhea.  Poor Ms Piggy couldn’t stop tripping over the vining branches of the blackberry bush and wound up with some nasty looking lacerations on the backs of her legs. 

We started packing things into the big green truck, so when the movers come on Friday we’re not rushing around trying to find all the stuff we need to keep out before the movers pack it.  Ms Action and I started that while Ms Piggy napped.  I also downloaded (and printed parts of) lapbooks about space, the moon, sun, & stars, and found the constellation cards I downloaded a while ago. 

While Ms Piggy napped, Ms Action and I worked on her manners lapbook.  We did a short phonics activity that we glued into the lapbook and read a little about good manners.  Shortly after that, Ms Piggy woke and I went over the same manners stuff in her lapbook.

On Day three Ms Piggy and I woke up first, so went downstairs and watched some Peppa Pig (one of her two favorite shows.  The other is Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood).  After Ms Action woke up (and meandered down the stairs) we had breakfast then got to work on our space lapbook.  We learned about how stars are formed, why some are different colors, we learned about the biggest stars in our night sky, and then we learned a bit about the sun, the moon, black holes and the different types of galaxies.  I had Ms Action narrate everything to me as we went through. We still have to assemble the lapbook, but all the work stuff is done.  Since we were packing up the big truck the day before, the girls were just a bit obsessed with hanging out in there, so we did all our space stuff out there. Inside, we went over a bit of our manners stuff, using Montessori cards in the shape of fish.  I made a little pocket to put them in and we glued the pocket to the inside of the lapbook.  Then Ms Action learned a bit more about place value.

After Ms Piggy’s nap, we disassembled the swing set and loaded it up onto the trailer to take to the dump.  It was pretty much on its last legs, and for the little bit we paid for it, we got our money’s worth out of it.  Ms Piggy mostly ran around (and stayed mostly out of the way) while Ms Action and I carried the wood up to the trailer where the hubby loaded it and strapped it down.  Ms Action was a huge helper, trying to carry more wood than I did.  When I first saw the huge pile of wood sitting there, I thought This is going to take forever!  but, it didn’t.  It took maybe ten minutes. 

Ms Piggy was very angry that her swing was gone, but I assured her we’re keeping the swings and slide to make a new swing set when we move.  She still wasn’t impressed, but when Ms Action discovered scooting down the slide laying flat on the ground, her mood improved. 

Then, later, I was very proud of myself.  I do have to brag a bit here.  The girls were taking a bath, because they were filthy, and fighting and not getting along.  So, I told them one more chance or bathtime was over.  Naturally, three whole seconds passed before they were fighting again, so I pulled them out and wrapped them in towels.  Ms Action threw a temper tantrum, telling me that I was a horrible mom because mom’s are supposed to make their kids happy and I wasn’t making them happy.  I didn’t yell. Not once.  I kept my cool and explained that as the mom, it’s my job to help them learn how to behave and act, and sometimes that meant consequences to actions and as unpleasant as it is, without consequences we won’t learn proper behavior.  She was still mad and yelling, but I didn’t respond in kind, I was calm and quiet.  Eventually, Ms Action calmed down and the girls had some popcorn and watched Daniel Tigers Neighborhood.  And the rest of the evening was relatively quiet.

Day four started off gently.  Ms Action woke first, so she and I laid in bed, talking and cuddling.  Then Ms Piggy woke and we went down to eat breakfast and get ready to take the swing set to the dump.  On the road we learnd a bit about road safety (when there’s been an accident, slow down or move over, eggs (how albumin is basically amniotic fluid and the yolk is basically the placenta), talked about trees, read haiku which lead to a short discussion about how to write a haiku and what a syllable is, and read several stories.

Then, when we got home, we finished getting everything we’re going to need for the next week into the truck and ready for the movers to come.  Nothing about manners, but lots of other stuff.

Day five started way too early.  Ms Piggy woke at 6:45, so she and I went downstairs to watch Daniel Tigers Neighborhood.  Two hours later, Ms Action joined us.  The realtor wanted to show the house at eleven, but the client never showed up, nd to top that off, the movers were over an hour late. 

Ms Action “helped” the movers and Ms Piggy watched while hiding.  The girls found some toys they’d been missing, learned abit about being aware of where people are so as to not get in the way and then Ms Piggy napped around 3pm, on our couch that was sitting out in the driveway (by this point, she’d been up for around 8 hours).

Around four, she woke up and I ordered pizza for everyone.  Finally, by nine, the movers were finished, but we still had to blow up our mattresses, all of which managed to deflate over night.  That made for a very long night – Ms Piggy kept waking me, complaining of being uncomfortable.

The next day started off with a run to the store for new mattresses that didn’t all sport holes, toilet paper (all ours got packed and put in storage – OOPS) and some cleaning supplies.  Oh, and bubbles and sidewalk chalk for the girls.  We’ll be cleaning for the rest of the week (hooray?) so we’ll finish our manners unit while we’re driving.


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