Out of the House

Tonight, we moved into a hotel.  We’re basically done with all the cleaning, the hubby is back at the house doing some final touch-ups while the girls and I are relaxing.  Not very fair, I know. 

We ran a lot of errands today, and talked about quite a bit of biology.  How babies get in the uterus, how the baby gets out (hearing Ms Piggy say “vagina” was terribly adorable, Ms Action has been using proper terminology since I was pregnant with Ms Piggy.  I’m very much about proper terms and normalizing body names.)

The girls had to say goodbye to NeighborGirl, and after lots of picture to “remember each other by”, hugs, and tears, NeighborGirl went home.  Unfortunately, it was also after a lot of fighting. I think both older girls were feeling stressed and sad because of the impending goodbyes. 

Tomorrow the carpet cleaners will be at the house, the hubby will be getting a sway bar for towing my car on the trailer, changing the oil in the truck, then Friday will be the walk-though.  The girls and I will be having a pajama day and a half before taking off on Friday.  And super exciting, we’ll be going to my dad’s for a week or so.  We haven’t seen my dad in over two years, and I’ve never met my step-mom.  Ms Piggy keeps squealing “see PawPaw and MeeMaw!” and Ms Action can’t wait to see PawPaw again, meet MeeMaw and tell them everything that’s happened in her life since she last saw PawPaw.

A few funny stories since my last post:  Ms Action had a huge meltdown – totally normal, considering all the circumstances – and I said “You seem really upset,” in a nice, calm, understanding voice.  Ms Action stopped in her wailing, looked at me, and practically shrieked “UPSET?!?!?!?  I’m really, Really, REALLY upset!!!!” 

Ms Piggy has taken to voicing her feelings.  Mostly, tattling to the hubby or me, depending on who has told her “No”…she’ll say “Mommy/Daddy won’t yet (let) me!”, she also says “I mad!” or, when she doesn’t like something – even something she loves – “I don’t yike (whatever it is)”

The hotel we’re in is really awesome, there’s a place to hook up the Wii, so we’ll be able to stream Netflix and Amazon Prime, which will entertain the girls. 

I can’t believe it’s almost time to cross the country.  We have a house under contract, which I’m super excited about – half an acre so I can have a huge garden, plenty of room for the girls, and the house has a basement and a fireplace, plus enough room for all my books and craft supplies – I’ll finally have a dedicated space to do my crafting and actually use all the stuff my grandma left me. 


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  1. Joy Adams-Eriks
    Aug 28, 2014 @ 11:27:14

    We are super excited to see you all, too!


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