Our Adventure so Far

Our first day started off beautifully. We  took a little while to get started, Ms Action slept until 9, then we loaded up the truck and went to say good-bye to some friends.

Once in the car, and after  few stops for the bathroom, we were finally on the road.

Because of all the trees around us, Ms Action decided to learn how to spell “tree”. She spent a good five minutes saying “t-r-e-e.” Ten she wanted to know how to spell “millions of tress,” which we went over, and Ms Piggy started saying “o-f” over and over.

The girls colored on the windows with window markers, we played  bit of travel bingo that my sister-in-law sent to the girls for our trp, ad then we pulled out the travel Crayola dry erase kits. Ms Piggy scribbled, but Ms Action drew a dress, she’s very into fashion and occasionally wants to be a fashion designer.

We read about the states of Washington and Oregon and put their flag stickers into our state passports I made. We learned about each states capitol, largest cities, rivers, state flowers, insects, birds and trees. They each had a picture with the state flower and tree to color, but hat ultimately were ignored for the far more interesting tangrams. Travel ones, that are magnetized so the pieces don’t get lost. Both girls enjoyed those for a while.

Well, until we got a flat on the trailer. Tat turned into a nightmare. Apparently the guys we bought the spare form gave us the wrong size, which meant we were at the side of the road, waiting for everything to get fixed, for over four hours. I plugged in the laptop for the girls to watch some movies while under their blankets, cuddled together with their heads on their pillows.

The nearest hotel with an opening that was near a tire center was an hour away, up in the mountains, back in Washington.  We wound up taking an unexpected vacation of a few days. We went swimming each day, walked to the little Mexican restaurant right down the street and to the gas station across the street for ice cream. We hooked up the DVD player (the hotels firewall blocked the Wii from connecting, so we couldn’t use Netflix, and half the outlets didn’t work, so hooking the laptop up didn’t work. Actually, that’s why we thought the laptop was broken.)

The next day, we made it barely to Idaho. Coming down the mountain, from our unexpected vacation, the scenery was gorgeous: Stark and barren, dried grasses, and in the background was Mt Adams, all dark grey and partially covered in snow. In the foreground was the dark blue, very choppy river, with a startling blue sky and a few, small, fluffy clouds floating around up there. The girls ooh and ahhed over it all. They also enjoyed seeing the wind turbines and thought they were the coolest things ever.

Last night wasn’t very good – we had a total meltdown at the pool, which wasn’t handled well by the hubby or me. Everything’s been a lot better today. We’ve talked a lot about biology, evolution, eating healthy and the type of diet we evolved to eat. We passed quite a few ranches and a couple factory farms and talked about the different ways meat is raised, and which one is more humane and better for us.

We’ve made it to Wyoming. All the way through Idaho, and through Utah. The girls loved it, seeing the Rocky’s. We read about Utah and put the flag sticker into the passport. The pool at the hotel was broken, so instead we watched some HGTV and Ms Action watched a Spiderman cartoon on the Kindle.

Tomorrow, we’re hoping to make it a bit farther and start a bit earlier.


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