Big News

Days before we moved, we got some pretty big news.  I’d been suspicious of this for a while, as Ms Piggy was complaining that my milk tasted “ucky”, I had pretty bad nausea coupled with some vomiting, and I was a couple of days late.  Yep, baby #3 is on its way.

Ms Action is super excited. She’s been begging for a new sibling for a while now.  Ms Piggy first declared “I don’t yike brudders.” (So, let’s all hope it’ll be girl #3), then got all excited “Mommy has a baby in her!”  I told her I’m growing a baby, and her eyes lit up “Growing a baby?” she asked.  Then I told her, as she was laying on top of me nursing that she was laying on top of the baby.  The hubby was walking through at that moment and she looked up and said “Daddy, I laying on the baby in mommy!”  Ms Action has been telling everyone – random strangers, neighbors, cashiers, basically anyone we come across – that “Mommy is pregnant and we’re getting ready to move!”

The fact I’m pregnant has led to some biology talks and Ms Piggy saying “vagina” for the first time.  Ms Action was telling Ms Piggy all about when Ms Piggy was born (“I was in the birthing pool with mommy and kissed your head right when you were born, and I helped mommy get you out, and you were in water and covered in white stuff (vernix) because the midwife said you were a little early.  I’m going to help mommy this time,” which was when Ms Piggy chimed in that she, too, is going to help me get the baby earthside.)  I’m all about using proper terminology, so, the baby comes out the vagina, is growing in the uterus, when Ms Action asked how the baby was made, I explained about sex, semen, ovaries, eggs, and the menstrual cycle.  Then, naturally, she asked how the semen and the egg meet up.  Which led to a bit of sex-ed.  Since I’m treating it all like the normal part of life that it is, Ms Action doesn’t think anything of sex, or using proper terms.  I have to say, the first time I used the word “vagina” with Ms Action, while I was pregnant with Ms Piggy, it was a bit weird, but, after lots of use, it’s become quite normal.

I’ve already picked out the cross-stitch baby quilt and matching birth record I’m going to make for this little one.  Although, I do need to finish Ms Piggy’s birth record, first.

I managed to make it cross-country without dying, merely feeling like that was a viable option a few times, what with motion sickness, “morning” sickness (a misnomer if ever I heard one), two kids stuck in a car, and general travel weariness.

Both girls have maintained their excitement over a new sibling (and Ms Piggy isn’t completely against the idea of a brother, anymore). Ms Action has been busily designing clothes for our imminent new arrival, and Ms Piggy has been whispering to, hugging, and kissing my belly because that’s where the baby is.

Now, we’re (mostly) settled in the house, we’re just waiting on our stuff to arrive so we can fully settle in. So far, the girls are in love with the house (and so am I, mostly. We just need a handrail down the steps to the basement and a fence around the yard.) We’ve started school back up and are getting ready to start a new diet, which I’ll blog more about later.

So, it’s been a pretty huge few months for us, new job, big move, new house, and now new baby on the way!


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  1. aaronuywritings
    Sep 29, 2014 @ 01:24:08

    Congratulations! (On the baby, not the vomit.) I wish you luck on your gestational endeavor. Also, it’s great you’re being so candid about sex-ed with your kids. When I was about five, my aunt was pregnant. I asked my mother why her belly was so round. My mother said there was a baby inside, to which I responded, “Did she eat the baby?”


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