Today is Monday. But, really, as Mondays go, this one has been quite nice.

The girls and I went shopping. Three different stores in two hours. This whole trying to save money thing can sometimes be difficult, though rewarding. I got a lot more produce than usual for a cheaper price. I also broke down and finally bought some silverware, I was rater tired of having four forks, one knife, and one spoon.

We also started our new Five in a Row book, The Glorious Flight. Ms Action was thrilled to learn that it’s a true story, and that all the events in the book actually happened.

We met more neighbors. Really, we’re in an awesome neighborhood. Everyone is incredibly friendly, and Ms Action already has three new best  friends. Ms Piggy is loving to try to join in. Ms Action and her friends were all riding bikes (one of the neighbors gave Ms Action their old bike, and since Ms Action has ben needing a new bike, it was perfect timing, and incredibly kind). Ms Piggy wanted to join in, so hopped on her bike and yelled, as loudly as she could, “Guys! I’m coming!”

Also, we got incredible news. The hubby called and let me know the moving company finally contacted him. They’ll be loading the stuff onto the truck Thursday, and we could have our belongings as early as Saturday, probably by the beginning of next week. And, of course, right after I bought silverware.

One thing that Ms Piggy has been missing since the start of our new diet is cereal. She’s constantly telling me “I hung’y for see-yull.” Fortunately, on Pinterest, I found a recipe called Caveman Crunch Cereal that has pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, shredded coconut, cocoa powder, and cinnamon. As it’s baking, it smells absolutely delicious. Tastes amazing, too, since I tried some as I made it. Ms Piggy is looking forward to breakfast tomorrow.


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