Hello, Again

I’m back. Again. I promise (for anyone who missed me), I didn’t fall off the face of the earth. And, I’d promise not to just disappear again, but I have a horrible habit of starting to blog with the best of intentions and then everything sort of crowds it out. But, I’ll promise to try to be more faithful at this blogging thing. 🙂

We’ve had a few holidays since I last blogged – Halloween, my kids’ personal favorites.  I mean, who doesn’t love dressing up and asking the whole neighborhood for candy? Ms Action was a twinkling butterfly (her costume actually lit up) and Ms Piggy was an adorable (albeit tripping – the costume was a tad bit too long) Minnie Mouse. Then there was Thanksgiving.  The first one I’ve cooked a turkey for.  The two Thanksgivings before that, we were vegetarian, and before that we were always with family. Then came Christmas.  I was proud of myself – I kept the girls’ gifts under control. I used a little poem I came across – One thing to wear, One thing to read, One thing you want, and One thing you need. So adding in the gifts from extended family, each girl got around 10 gifts, extremely manageable.

We’re mostly settled in. The moving company – which I would recommend to NO ONE – lost several boxes, dented up some of our furniture, and put dings and scratches (and gouges) in our brand new walls.  But, I’m coping with the loss of most of my pictures of me, and all the loose pictures of Ms Piggy – fortunately I have all hers on the laptop, so I can reorder prints.

On the school front, we’re using a more traditional-type curriculum.  Partly because I feel more comfortable using it, but mostly because Ms Action wants to go to school next year and since the year is halfway done, I think finishing up homeschooling and testing her so she’s “officially” out of 2nd grade is going to be the best way to go. Besides, with the new baby coming, I just won’t have the time to homeschool and give everyone the attention they need.  It wouldn’t be fair to all parties involved. Not to mention, we’re just not enjoying it. I much prefer “just” being mom. 🙂

So far, in my book, I have 60,000+/- words. Now that I’m feeling a bit better (that morning sickness was really taking it out of me, I’m hoping I’m done with it) I’m going to start writing again.

Anyway, that’s a super brief synopsis of what’s been going on over here. I’ll do my best to do better 🙂


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