Midwife Visit

Today, I *finally* made it to the midwife’s.  I didn’t find out I was pregnant until after we’d lost insurance. Getting insurance at the new job proved to be fiasco-worthy. No one, apparently, knew how to do it, so the hubby submitted the paperwork the way he’d been told to, and got a call from someone else saying that was the wrong way. Anyway, now we have insurance, the midwife group I’ve chosen doesn’t take our insurance.  Oh well.  If I followed the trend of my last two pregnancies, I would have wound up paying out of pocket, anyway.

With my first, I used traditional (read: ob/gyn) care up until around 34 weeks, when I switched to a doctor who did home births.  One of the last, actually. Anyway, I knew he was really good, because everyone I used to babysit for used him. With my second, I used a midwife group that had what they called a birthing center. Only it wasn’t. It was one room in Labor and Delivery. And if it was occupied, then I was out of luck. To top that off, the nurse (who I nicknamed a not-very-nice name), made Ms Action, who was four at the time, cry. So, at around 32 weeks, I switched care. I really don’t want to do that again, so I’m starting off with a midwifery group that does homebirths and has their own birthing center. A real one, not a room in L&D.

So, all that to say, we finally had an appointment today. It was the earliest one I could get. I must say, hearing the baby’s heartbeat made the whole pregnancy seem more real. I mean, yes, I’ve felt the baby move; yes, my belly is expanding (Ms Action lovingly told me my belly is fat); yes, my milk has dried up, and before that it changed taste (Ms Piggy let me know it tasted “ucky”); but until hearing the heartbeat, it just didn’t feel “real”.

We’re not going to find out the sex of the baby this time. With my two previous pregnancies, I knew, almost immediately, that a) I was pregnant and b) the sex of the baby. This time, I have no clue what it is (and didn’t know I was pregnant until the morning sickness hit me), and I kind of think having a surprise, since this is my last, will be fun.

Now that it feels real, we’re going to kick it into high gear, getting ready for baby. I’m nearly finished with the baby blanket – I cross-stitched one for each of the girls, and want to continue that. Ms Action’s is Eeyore, Ms Piggy’s is a jungle scene, and the new baby’s will be stars, teddy bears, and the words “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.” I still have to make the birth record (something else I’ve made for the girls, hopefully this one won’t take me 2 1/2 years like Ms Piggy’s did), and have already bought the Christmas stocking to make, too. I may have gotten a bit excited :).

This evening, as Ms Piggy was bathing, she, Ms Action and I started discussing boy and girls names. Ms Piggy was full of wonderful ideas, ones like foot, field, belly, ear, back, etc. Ms Action started getting a bit annoyed, reminding her sister that “Those aren’t names!” So I had to remind her of the name she was adamant we name Ms Action – “Milk”.  Little kids coming up with names is just the cutest :).


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