Girl Scouts Night

Ms Action finally made it to a Girl Scouts meeting tonight. The neighbor, who is also the troop leader, offered to take her since I’m so tired I feel drunk.

Ms Action kept me up late the other night with a rousing game of “what-if this or that happens”, then as soon as I got comfortable the baby decided it was time to play. Then Ms Action had a nightmare and as soon as I got her settled, Ms Piggy decided to wake up for a couple hours. I think I got a whole two hours of sleep. I’m still recovering.

While Ms Action was at her meeting, Ms Piggy and I made some cupcakes to surprise Ms Action with. Poor Ms Piggy has been left behind twice in less than a week now, so I figured it would take a bit more than play dough to cheer her up this time. We made chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting. So delicious. And egg free, so Ms Piggy got to lick the bowl, which really cheered her. We then played animal ball (say an animal, make its sound, then you’d the ball. Repeat until you’ve run out of animals or the toddler has gotten bored). As we were playing, . Ms Piggy kept saying “I love playing animal ball!”

When Ms Action got home, she was full of excitement. She had a brilliant time, made crafts, helped make a smoothie, played games, and can’t wait to get her uniform and start selling cookies (the two things, the leader said, that Ms Action was very worried about). She told Ms Piggy and me all about it and all about how they’ll be selling cookies at the grocery store: “Not the one by us, but the one down the road from the school. It’s bigger and busier.” She can’t wait for the next meeting and is thrilled she’s getting to do something that her mommy didn’t.

Ms Action and Ms Piggy got along so much better after having been apart for a few hours. They were hugging, and Ms Action carried Ms Piggy (no small feat, let me tell you) to bed so Ms Piggy could have her bedtime story. After getting Ms Piggy done, Ms Action and I had some time and I read to her from the book we’re reading at night.

Really, I think the small separation did us all good. 🙂


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