Baby’s Blanket

I finally finished cross-stitching the baby's blanket!

I finally finished cross-stitching the baby’s blanket!

Today, I woke feeling exhausted. I think Ms Piggy is having some crazy sleep regression, and it’s killing me. Not literally, but it feels that way.

Despite my exhaustion, we got language arts, reading, and math done, so the day wasn’t a total wash. Ms Action reviewed synonyms, started a creative writing project (she has to come up with an ending to a story), got her new spelling list, reviewed the sounds ey makes, and learned words can have more than one meaning. She aced her math, too.

Then, I called end-ex to the day and we ordered pizza. Not very healthy, I know, but we all needed some sort of boost to get us all in a better mood. Ms Piggy was tired and cranky (I told her that’s what comes of not sleeping), Ms Action was whiny (but I think she’s getting sick), and I was exhausted. The pizza – stuffed crust – really did help.

Then, Ms Action was complaining her throat was hurting, so I made the world’s vilest concoction – the juice of half a lemon, a teaspoon each of apple cider vinegar and raw honey, and a dash of cayenne pepper. To help her out, I drank some with her. That stuff, while it tastes awful, is amazing. Twice I’ve felt a cold coming on, and twice I’ve beaten it away with that drink. Ms Action drank around 8 ounces of water after downing the homemade medicine, but she seems to be doing better now. And, I told her the baby hates that drink as much as she does. Every time I drink it, the baby gets incredibly active, spinning and kicking me, to let me know its displeasure. I pointed out to Ms Action that she and the baby are alike in that way. That made her happier.

I also managed to finish the baby’s blanket. Now, it’s on to the stocking, then the birth record.


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