Sick Days

We’ve all been sick over here – just the common cold, but it’s been rough. Ms Action caught it first (and had to miss a Girl Scouts meeting – something that made her rather mad). Ms Piggy, fortunately, got over it fairly quickly, and I sort of skimmed it, so to speak. My throat hurt and nose was runny, but I never got the full cold. Thank goodness.

We took the week off from school, because I figured that if Ms Action was in school, I’d have been keeping her home, anyway. Then combine that with me feeling not-so-good (mainly because Ms Piggy was keeping me awake nights, thanks to breathing issues), and it seemed like the best thing for everyone was to just take it easy.

So we spent the week watching movies, laying around, and just hanging out. Oh, and eating pizza, when we felt hungry (which wasn’t incredibly often).

We’re all feeling much better, though still not 100%.

Hopefully, we’ll be back in the swing of things next week. 🙂


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