Doll Crafting

Today, Ms Action lost television for a week, so she was rather bored. I decided to browse Pinterest for a craft idea (because no sleep + pregnancy brain = unable to come up with ideas on my own).

I found one for making a doll house for American Girl sized dolls out of a cardboard box. Well, it’s more of a room, really, but it’s pretty cool.

First, Ms Action and I went on the search for a box. You’d think after moving they’d be floating around, but we’ve actually been getting rid of one. I found one that a Christmas present had come in, and we brought it up to get to work on it.

First, Ms Action cut off all the flaps, then I cut off one of the bigger sides. We then used scrapbook paper for wallpaper, and a scrapbook frame with the front of a card as a window (the picture on the card front was of pine trees against the sky, perfect for a window).

Next I took the part of the box I’d cut off, along with the two longer flaps Ms Action had cut off and made a roof. Then, the girls decorated the outside of the house.

Now, I think I’ve created two little monsters. Ms Action was busily plotting how to make a cuckoo clock for the dolls and Ms Piggy was coloring circles of paper for doll plates. I did some more browsing on Pinterest and there are SO. MANY. doll crafts – I think we’re going to be very busy making some of them!


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