Eye Patching and ADHD

Fortunately, it isn’t the same child with both issues!

One of my daughters, Ms Piggy, has amblyopia. I finally found a patch she doesn’t fight! There’s this wonderful website called Patch Pals that has so many wonderful things – and cute patches, too! Ms Piggy has a purple one with Dora the Explorerer on it, and a hot pink one with Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony on it. We were using the stick on kind of eye patches, but she hated those. She kept complaining that they hurt, so I knew I had to find something better.

These are nice and soft, and wrap around her head. And, amazingly, she wore the patch for an hour and a half today! Fortunately, we only have to make it to 3-4 hours a day. Yesterday she made it around 45 minutes. I have an entire board on Pinterest dedicated just to patching activities. Yesterday, Ms Piggy put cheerios onto spaghetti noodles I stuck into playdoh to hold them up. She really struggled at first, because her depth perception isn’t as strong in her left eye as her right. She was all smiles as she put the cheerios on. Then, I took a Pringles can in which I’d cut a slot in the lid and she put coins in there. Today, I took a big piece of art paper, pinned it to the wall, and Ms Piggy made a big sticker mural. She’s been having quite a bit of fun, not least because she gets to nurse a bit more than usual.

Ms Action is my ADHD/SPD child. We’re loosely following the Feingold Diet, and once we have a bit more in the bank, I’m going to purchase the program. I don’t want to use medication if I can at all avoid it, so we’re going the supplement and diet route. Magnesium, Zinc, B vitamins, all things in which ADHD kids are generally deficient. I have an entire board dedicated to ADHD, too.

So far, just giving her fish oils, a multi vitamin, probiotics, and melatonin (she’s been a horrible sleeper her whole life!) has made a difference.

But all that, combined with Ms Action being grounded from television, has made for a few long days. Although, the girls have been getting along a bit better. They spent the afternoon, after school, building “the tallest tower in the world!” using different supplement bottles.  Ms Action added a basement onto the cardboard dollhouse, Ms Piggy colored some cutouts of elephants and zebras, and I got a bit done on the new baby’s stocking.

And in more unfortunate news, my Kindle charger broke, so we won’t have music to get Ms Action to sleep, since it was nearly dead when I went to charge it. Also, my phone may die, since they use the same charger. Oh well, I should have a new one by Thursday. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime!


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