Our First Nature Walk of the Year

Today it was a rather balmy 52 degrees, so after Ms Piggy did her patching (she worked on her sticker mural again) and Ms Action did her school (she’s starting to work more independently!), we put on shoes and jackets and went outside.

Ms Piggy started off on her little balance bike, but after about ten minutes, she wanted to “walk like mommy.” Ms Action, who rode her bike for the entire walk, was a bit frustrated, because that meant we had to go back home to drop Ms Piggy’s bike off and get the stroller. Fortunately, we were less than 100 yards from the house.

After that, we went a different direction. The girls collected pine cones, branches with green pine needles still attached, sticks, and those childhood favorite – gumballs.

Ms Action wanted us to walk for at least 21 minutes (weird amount, I know) so she was very happy when I told her we’d made it to 40 minutes, and most of that was active time. We probably went around a mile or so (rough guess, so don’t quote me on it 🙂 ).

When we got home, we made some lunch, then the girls drew pictures of all their finds from our walk/ride. We also spent some time talking about how this break from television has been really good for us. I reminded Ms Action that if she had been watching TV, we wouldn’t have gone on a walk, we wouldn’t have made a dollhouse, or any of the other random crafts she’s done, and she wouldn’t have read any of her Kaya book she got for Christmas. I told her (to much argument) that I think we’re going to go TV-free during the week to focus more on just being. She wasn’t too thrilled, but I think it would be a good change. We all, unfortunately, watch way too much TV. And, the girls are getting along better without TV, and Ms Action seems to be sleeping better. All around win!


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