Beautiful, Busy Day

Today, the weather was beautiful. Absolutely amazingly beautiful.

The girls played outside, the hubby cleaned the car (it’s just been too cold, ya know?), and I pulled out the double stroller to clean it up. Ms Piggy was very excited to see that she will have a place to sit, and the new baby has a place to lay down. She was also excited, a few weeks ago, when I pulled out both the MobyWrap and the Onya carrier and told her she would get to ride in the carrier on my back while the baby rides in the wrap on my front.  Ms Piggy is actually very excited to share things with the new baby. Well, for now, anyway. We’ll see what happens once the “new brand baby” (as Ms Piggy says it) gets here.

I also put together the baby swing. Parts had gotten lost in the move, so the hubby bought replacement parts, and I wanted to make sure that the movers didn’t irreparably damage the swing, so I plugged it in, and, yes! it worked!

Then I noticed one other part of the swing missing (the toy tray) so I went out to the garage to attempt to look for it. It’s not easy, maneuvering in tight spots when your pregnant belly is so large I describe it as having swallowed a planet (bonus points if you know what show that’s from. Extra points if you can name the episode 🙂 ). Anyway, I never found the toy tray. But, I found all the pictures I’d thought were gone forever!!!

I called Ms Piggy and Ms Action inside (Ms Action was too busy playing with friends, so it was just Ms Piggy and me), and we went through photos! Ms Piggy was super excited, because she thought we had pretty much no pictures of her. I don’t think I stopped smiling for over an hour, and I know I squealed when I found them.

And on top of the excitement from finding the pictures, pregnancy hormones kicked in when I turned the swing on. I remember Ms Piggy swinging in that swing, and hearing the music, watching it sway, it made me tear up a little. I’ve been dreading this birth, a little, but now I’m starting to get excited. I mean, I’ve always been excited to meet this tiny little human, but I’ve really dreaded the whole getting him/her earthside. Between looking at the photos of Ms Piggy’s birth, finding the photos of Ms Action as a baby, and setting up the swing and cleaning the stroller, yeah, I’m ready. Only 11 more weeks!


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