I’m officially in the nesting stage of pregnancy (also known as somewhere around 30 weeks. Gah! I can’t believe I less than 10 weeks until I meet this tiny human!).

I stripped all the diapers, cleaned all the baby clothes I have (those movers lost most of what we had been saving, so I’m having to replace them all bit by bit. While new stuff is fun, I miss the special pieces I had been saving. But, what can I do? So, this baby’s having mostly new stuff.). I didn’t have a dresser for the baby, so in order to have one, I went through all the kids toys to clear out one of the plastic drawer thingies we had been storing toys in.

Now, the girls’ toys are divided in half, since they have way too many as it is. I’m going to rotate the toys on a bi-weekly basis.

Ms Piggy and I scrubbed the toy drawers so they’d be nice and clean for Baby. That led to cleaning the bathroom thoroughly.

I’m also using all my nesting energy to implement a new (to us) chore system. I’m in the planning stage, and this weekend we’re going to do a big clean-up so we can start the new system with a (mostly) clean house. The girls are anything but excited about the new chore system, mainly because me enforcing chores has been rather spotty. But, I know all that needs to end and I’m really doing the girls a disservice by not teaching them all the things they need to know about chores.

The bassinet is all ready to go, with fresh clean sheets and the blanket I cross-stitched. Ms Piggy likes to look at it and occasionally wants to get in. We have the swing set up, the stroller, car seat, and carriers all ready. I have almost everything I need for the birth (I just need a couple more things, and we’ll be all ready).


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