The Beginning of a New School Year

We started school up last week. We’re easing back into school, instead of jumping in full-force. I’m hoping it helps Ms Action with the transition. Ms Piggy is excited, she’s been wanting to do “real school” for around a year, now.

Last week we started our character study. We’re using the Big Book of Virtues and reading selections from one section/virtue a month. This month is self-discipline, something we all need to work on. This week we added in history (we’re using Story of the World Volume 3) and a Bible study from Queens Homeschooling about the Proverbs 31 woman.

Next week we’ll add in a study about the Parables of Jesus and all our language arts (all from Queens Homeschool). The week after that, we’ll be adding in the rest of our subjects – science (Queens Homeschooling), art study and music study, Spanish (Power-Glide), typing, and reading (Heart of Dakota). Ms Action isn’t sure how excited she is, but I’m pretty excited.

However, no one’s excitement matches Ms Piggy’s. I got her a preschool program from Heart of Dakota called “Little Hands to Heaven” and, four days in, she’s loving it. She’s been learning the short “a” sound, and the number one. It only takes around thirty minutes a day, and she gets so sad when we’re done.

Little Man mostly nurses and sleeps, though he does love hanging out on his play mat. He’s rolling over front-to-back and back-to-front and also managing to get off his play mat. This afternoon he spent a good 40+ minutes outside, looking at the trees and sky. Outdoors is definitely his favorite spot. :-).

Ms Action is currently interested in Irish dance, so I’m looking into signing her up for that. I don’t want to get involved in too many extra-curriculars and lose sight of the school part, but I want to make sure the kids have a social life, too. We found a great little church not too far from the house, and several homeschooling families attend there. I’ve found a homeschooling group here, too. So between all that, we should be set. We’re not doing Girl Scouts anymore, because of lots of reasons. I’m looking into American Heritage Girls, or maybe AWANA. We’ll see.

I’m pretty excited to start school back up and see where this year takes us 🙂


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