Week Three (aka: last week)

This week, we added in Language Lessons for the Very Young, Word of the Week (for vocabulary), and copywork. This year Ms Action’s copywork is all about manners.

In history we learned about Protestant Rebellions. The first section we learned about William the Silent who led the rebellion against Philip. The only way Philip beat William, on a personal level, because the Dutch did get their freedom, was by having him assassinated. The second day we made a model of Leyden with play-doh and mega blocks. We used the play-doh to make a waterway, and the mega blocks were the town, then we pushed the sides of the waterways down and flooded the town so our Styrofoam boats could float in and save the town from the Spanish.


The third day we learned about Mary, Queen of Scots. Thursday we made a tartan with the Farquharson clan colors, since my hubby is descended from that clan. šŸ™‚
(Ms Action coloring the tartan to make a skirt for her doll)

After a week of using Queens language lessons, I can say I’m already I’m in love with it. The lessons are short, so Ms Action doesn’t get frustrated and she’s still learning loads.

We started our study of Jesus’ parables with the story of the lost coin. While I read the story, the girls colored a picture of the woman looking for her coin. A few days later we did a secret message puzzle. I hid “coins” (paper circles) in a container with rice and the girls had to find them. On one side was a number and on the other a letter to find our message. (Telling us Jesus is joyful whenever someone finds him)

Ms Piggy has been enjoying school immensely. Our letter of the week was “B” and our number was 2. We cut out two hands and glued them to our number two page. I also drew a big “B” and Ms Piggy got to use her dot markers and go over the n. She may have gotten carried away šŸ™‚


Wednesday Ms Piggy learned about floating and sinking. We read about Noah then did a float-or-sink experiment. Ms Piggy had loads of fun seeing what each item did.

Thursday, since we did school outside, I drew a big letter “B” with sidewalk chalk, then Ms Piggy put pieces of chalk all along the b saying “buh-buh” each time she placed a piece.

We finished off the week by going to the zoo on Saturday, then meeting some friends for lunch and agreeing to take their dog. So now we have a gorgeous Burmese mountain dog/Labrador mix šŸ™‚


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