Ms Piggy’s Dream

“There was a giant spider on your head. Then it roared at baby brother. Then it took this (she picked up my water bottle) then it took this (picked up a jar of coconut oil), then it took this (can of sprite). Then it dumped your tea into the garden and broke your glass. Then we had to buy a new one. But the spider bit everything at the store so there was nothing to buy. Then it broke baby brother so we grew a new one (baby brother). Then baby brother roared at the spider. Then the spider bit this, and this, and this (picking up one of baby brother’s toys each time). Then it bited Ms Actions favorite shoes. Then it bited your blanket. Then it bited baby brothers jumperoo. Then it bited this picture of me. Then it bited baby brothers head, then it bited your head, then it bited daddy’s head. Then it bited the bottom of your water bottle. Then it bited your booby. Actually, two of your boobies. Actually it bited three of your boobies. (I pointed out that I only have two. That’s okay, she said, I had three in her dream). Then the spider bited baby brothers foots. Then it bited Ms Actions clothes – all of them. Then it was a baby brother-spider that bited a real baby brother on the ground. It also bited all the Cheez-Its, then all baby brothers blankets. Then the bottom of the storing basket.”

Obviously, this wasn’t *all* a dream. But, it’s safe to say, she’s not a fan of spiders.


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