The Library (and baking)

Monday is our library day. It’s the girls’ favorite day of the week. I finally got a library card, and it’s opened worlds to Ms Action.

She’s been reading the Dear America series, and read about going west on the Oregon Trail. This week, she’s reading The Winter of Red Snow about a girl in the yeast 1777.

Ms Piggy loves getting as many books as I’ll let her and having the hubby and I read them to her ad nauseum.

The baby (who has a rather long tongue and sticks it out frequently, so I’ll call him Mr Giraffe) just likes getting out of the house.

This week I found four of the Billy and Blaze books, so grabbed them to introduce the girls to one of my childhood favorites.

We got a couple Magic School Bus and LeapFrog DVDs, too.

We’re taking a break from heavy academics for the rest of the year (just focusing on the three R’s) so we can focus on character, responsibility, and relationships. So far, we’ve had lots of opportunity to work on NOT ARGUING and getting along. At breakfast the girls were antagonizing each other, so I read them Proverbs 6:16-19 and we talked about how they were having proud looks, a heart devising wicked plans, and sowing discord among brethren. We also went over the first question I  the Westminster Shorter Catechism (What is the chief end of man?). We’re memorizing the first part of the answer (Man’s chief end is to glorify God), and I asked them if their actions were glorifying God or not?

From there, we moved on to getting ready for Thanksgiving. We’re hosting this year, so we started our baking. I  made our mashed potatoes today, pumpkin pie, we made cookies, cranberry sauce, and cheeseballs for an appetizer. We still need to make a spice cake, cinnamon rolls, bread, and the stuffing (we made the cornbread for it, already).

The girls are nearly beside themselves with excitement. šŸ™‚


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